Tuesday, March 11, 2008


If you are a busy person with lots of activities but sometimes you often forget something, then it's a good idea to install this application, Rainlendar. It's a customizable desktop calendar which can help you manage your tasks and meetings (it's like your PIM).

One nice thing about this application is that it's available in Windows and Linux platform. They provide two versions: lite and pro (paid). The difference are in network shared calendars and Outlook support (these features are only available on pro version).

Actually i knew this application from one of my students who have used this application in Windows but he wanted to install this on his Slackware laptop since he has wiped out Windows and switched to Slackware (but he failed since the minimum requirements is not met in Slackware 12.0. I can installed this application on my desktop, since i used Slackware-Current). The requirements are simple, libc6 and gtk+2 (2.12 and above). If you don't use Debian-like system (which uses deb format), then i suggest you to download the binary version.

The screenshot is taken on Linux version with default theme (the themes can be customized also).


  1. I don't use it anymore for about a year or so. I love it's theme system. I just don't like the rendering. That's why I switch to KOrganizer.

  2. Hm... it's quite good actually
    you can also switch themes if you don't like the default one

    But hey, it's your choice :)