Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's The Reason You Use Linux?

Sometimes, i (or perhaps most of us, Linux users) have been asked "What's the reason you use Linux?" The answers may vary, depends on who are asked. Some people might say it's free. Others might say, it's virus proof. Lots of answers can come up from just this single questions. A lot of conversations might arise and probably added with some flame wars big grin

Vlad Dolezal wrote on his blog about the real reason why we use Linux. He mentioned one thing: because it's fun. What's so fun about Linux, you might ask. So here are the three things that makes Linux so fun:
  • Linux gives you complete control
  • Linux isn't widely used
  • Linux is free (as-in-speech)
I agree with his opinion, mostly the first one. I can have total control of my system and i can do lots of things with it. I can compile my own kernel, modify the desktop, changing the icons, and probably breaking it (and recover it again), and many more. This is something that i may not get while in Windows (well, some of those actions can be done, but sometimes, you will need third party application which are commercial).


  1. For me, using GNU/Linux is because it opens the possibility to have research. "That Other Popular OS" only trains us as a good customer, a consumer.

    Other reason is because we need an alternative for having a low cost and not breaking the law solution.

  2. I prefer the 2nd one, 'Linux isn't widely used'. Although it actually already had more fans compared to 5 years ago, I still feel Linux as personal.