Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tough Week

It's a tough week for top four of the Premiere League clubs. Most of them won by a difference of one goal (except for Arsenal who had a draw). MU beat Derby by 0-1 (away), Liverpool won 2-1 from Reading at their home after a goal down, Chelsea won 0-1 against Sunderland, and Arsenal had a draw 1-1 with Middlesbrough.

The competition is on high right now, as the point difference is getting smaller and smaller. At the half of the season, people thought it would be MU-Arsenal competition, but right now, Chelsea had a grip to grab the title for this season, as Arsenal keep getting a draw in the last two matches.


  1. Hmm didn't know you were such a football fan...I kinda support Liverpool, no actually I don't I only pretend to cos my sister is in love with them. I truly don't get all those footie teams. I just like to see cute boys running around in the football field..hahaha!! So,which team do you support?

  2. i like Manchester United without any doubt :)