Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Disconnect Very Often

Is it happening only on my computer or does it happened for all Speedy users? In the past, i can leave my connection up and running for more than a week without being disconnected, but since the disruption in Sumatra last week, my connection often disconnected (well, it was set to re-dial, but the download process will be stopped) and it last not longer than 3-4 hours before it gets disconnected.

I'm quite lucky that Opera supports resume operation, so i can resume from the last byte i downloaded. Nevertheless, it's still annoying angry

What's the point of having broadband access, but it's not stable?


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    you can try out flashget to downloads. make your life easier :)

  2. the point is not the flashget, but in the connection. If it's stable, i don't need flashget and all of my downloads will be fine

    btw, i use Linux more often than Windows :)

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    well, we cannot really rely on internet in indonesia. that's why we need some kind of download manager.

    i use gwget in linux.

  4. so you now convert to Opera?

  5. only for downloading from rapidshare :)