Tuesday, March 04, 2008

OOo Con 2008 Goes to Beijing

John McCreesh has officially announced that the next annual OOo Conference will be held in Beijing, China. Here's his announcement :
Members of the OpenOffice.org Community have selected Beijing, China as
the venue for their 2008 Annual Conference (OOoC0n), which will be held
between October 15th and 17th (provisional dates). The result of the
on-line ballot of Community members was as follows:

Beijing (China) 597
Orvieto (Italy) 126
Amsterdam (The Netherlands) 62
Bratislava (Slovakia) 56
Budapest (Hungary) 50
Dundalk (Ireland) 22

This marks a milestone in the development of the OpenOffice.org
Community, as it will be the first time that OOoCon will be held outside
Europe. The voting also shows the continuing growth of the Community,
with the number of votes cast over 50% up on last year.

Peter Junge, joint leader of the successful bid, was delighted with the
result: "The Beijing OOoCon team is really honoured to be the
Community's choice to organize and host this years OpenOffice.org
Conference. We are looking forward to welcome a large number of
OpenOffice.org contributors from all over the world. Let's celebrate the
globally grown community for the first time outside of Europe. Now, it's
our job to face the big challenge, to land OpenOffice.org at a new shore."

Every year, a completely new team stages OOoCon. The result is a
conference which has a lot of fresh energy every year, guarantees
surprises, but which is also reliably interesting. Many attendees
consider it to be one of the most informative and friendliest
open-source events to be found anywhere in the world.
This will be the first OOo Conference held outside Europe. Congratulations to Redflag 2000 as the local representative for this event

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