Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CrossOver Games For Linux

Taken from Phoronix:
CodeWeavers, the company known for their WINE patronage and WINE-based CrossOver Office product designed to run Windows Office applications on Linux, has kicked their foot in the door into the Linux gaming sector. CrossOver Games uses WINE and is very similar to CrossOver Office in fact, but the difference between their two products is that CrossOver Games will be updated much more frequently and is designed just for Windows gaming software.
So in the future, most games in Windows are playable in Linux as well (with some amount of money to buy the license of course).

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  1. Akhirnya, ada pesaing Transgaming Cedega..

    Tetap aja gak tahu cara bayarnya apalagi karena gak punya riwayat kartu kredit.