Sunday, March 09, 2008

Basketball VS Football

When i was in junior high school, i still remember that NBA was very popular and it was broadcasted in television weekly. Even during final test, we would spend our free time watching the NBA All Stars which occasionally broadcasted at morning (around 9 AM).

But when i was in high school, NBA was no longer available in most local TV station. The popularity of basketball was way below football (people sometimes called it soccer) and it happened up to now. I remember it was SCTV who always broadcasted NBA matches (and also NBA All Stars) for a few years.

Since there are no TV stations that broadcasted NBA (and All Stars), the only way to view them is by subscribing to the commercial services or you can download them via Internet. I'm quite lucky to find a download link for NBA All Stars 2008. Let's see if it works big grin

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