Thursday, August 30, 2007

Announcing Planet Slackware

I'm proud to announce that we have an official planet Slackware for Indonesian bloggers. It's being placed on a new domain, called The choice of domain name was made via a vote on my blog and in the id-slackware mailing list. The vote is not finished yet, but Budi has bought the domain silently, and now the Planet has been up and running. Thanks also to Klunxer and Ozzie who had setup the trial Planet application on Slackware community site. For now, only Planet will be available, but, we will add more features, such as Wiki. Stay tune for news updates.

If you want your blog to be listed on the Planet, please send your blog's feed to info_AT_slackware-id_DOT_org. For now, we can accept any blog posts that belongs to Slackers (Slackware users), but in the future, we will only receive posts that are related to Slackware.

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