Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nice Reunion

I just came back from a reunion with my friends at elementary school. We usually had this kind of party when most of the people are in Jogja and finally i had an opportunity to go (there was a reunion also yesterday, but i couldn't make it, since i came back from Ungaran and i was too tired to go again). We had dinner together, take some photos (i will upload it on my PicasaWeb account) and then we went to O La La cafe at Saphir Square. We enjoyed our time, but unfortunately we went a bit late. If we left earlier, we might spent more times talking and sharing each other.

Too bad that not all of us can gather together (i know it's quite hard to do so, since most of us have worked outside Jogja), but today, we could gather 9 peoples, so i think it's far better than yesterday (5 peoples only).

I think we can do that again on October, when most people came back to Jogja again. Until next time....

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