Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Features From Blogger

Blogger has two new features (if you haven't know). The first one is enclosure links. It has been added in the Creation page (where you can write your posts). I don't know what's the use of this features, but i guess it's for linking to something which is not HTML/XHTML type. You can add a link to other MIME types as well. There's no information about this feature on Blogger's help also (for now).

The second one is inline ads in the layout/template section. Now you add inline ads (from Google AdSense) on every post you made. Just choose template, and when you see the layout, you will find a new link in the Blog Post area. Click that link and you will see a new window which can be used to set up the ads that will be displayed to your blog.

There are one more thing, but i guess you already find out about this. Blogger now able to upload a video, not just images. It has been available for some time, so i guess you have figured it out (or probably have been using it to bring more interactivity into your blog).

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