Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pending Registration

It's quite early in the morning (5:58 AM) and i'm preparing all the stuff i need before i go to Ungaran. So far, everything is under control. Since i will be almost one day trip, new Forum member registration will be pending for a while (at least until i got back tonight). I'm very sorry for that, but the new scheme of registration (approved by admin) is one of the policy to prevent spammers getting into the forums just like before, so don't try to register it again and again, since it will only make your username redundant. Thank you for your patience and i will approve all new user registration process ASAP.

Update (20:21 PM): I have processed all 26 requests that i received after i left to Ungaran this morning and it has been finished all of them. Welcome to the forum and enjoy sharing of knowledge there

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