Friday, August 10, 2007

People Generosity

When people do something good, they will get the prices for that. It happened with one of the lead sysadmin of IsoHunt, Allen Parker. He wanted a new BMW M5 series and he posted it in IsoHunt main page and guess what? People donates to him and the donations have surpassed his target. What a nice supporters he had.
Current Donations: $22736.96 of $22,000USD or 103.35%
The donations starts at $5, $10, $20 and $100 (Google Checkout and PayPal)

Just for information, IsoHunt is one of the biggest BitTorrent source. Here's some statistics from the main site (it will keep counting):
Sites: 252 • Trackers: 21727 • Online Torrents: 759348 • Files: 17.35 mil • Size: 564.5 TB • Peers: 18.12 mil
It's one of people's generosity for the SAAD (SysAdmin Appreciation Day)

It's a proof that SysAdmin is highly respected (i don't know if this also applies in Indonesia).

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