Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ODF Shirt

ODF Logo
Just now, i received a package from FedEx Express. I was surprised, since i never ordered anything via Internet. It was signed by Red Hat Inc, which means it must be something related with Open Source. I opened the box (it was very tight and quite hard to open, meaning they really care about the shipping's security and prevent tampering of the box) and i found a Shirt that has ODF Alliance text on the back.

I remember some times ago, i browsed Red Hat Magazine and i found out about this campaign: Spread the word, share this ODF artwork. Red Hat graphic designers made an ODF logo and they wanted people to spread it out by giving shirt to the first 100 senders (it's not available anymore) and (lucky me) i'm one of them, so i received the shirt today (i don't know when did they send it). Thanks for the shirt. Fits on me big grin

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  1. lol, EXACT same situation here. I completely forgot I emailed them, but just yesterday it arrived. Needless to say I am wearing it now.