Sunday, August 26, 2007

Social Music

You like listening to music online? Well, check this site out. It's a new beta service for social music project. You can create your own playlist for free and share it to your friend or put it on your blog or website and play it anywhere and anytime (as long as you have Internet connection and browser). Curious about the project? Have a look on their site and you'll get the idea behind this project. The point is that they are trying to build an index of legal music and share it to you (you don't have to download to hear the song, since you can do it after you entered a search and click on the play button).

Soon, there will be many blogs that will have the author's playlist on it by using this service big grin


  1. Thats what I call a cool thing to do. Keep em coming !

  2. I never do much of social music activity. One obvious reason is: bandwidth. However, I love, though never tried other sitff like pandora or the one you've mentioned just now.

    What I would like to found in the service would be: statistic, and exploration tool to find other interesting track suits my preference (non hit-based)

    Any suggestion?