Thursday, August 09, 2007

Earthquake Again

I just had an earthquake again in Jogja!!!!!!
It's midnight (12:08 AM) and i thought i was sleepy, but i saw my monitor was shaking hard, so it was an earthquake. I don't know how big it is (we will see it soon in the newspaper, but i don't think it's equal with the same earthquake that struck last year). It lasted for about 40 seconds (i guess). Since it wasn't quite big, i continued to read Fairy Tail manga online and suddenly when i wanted to tell other people, it stopped. This is my first experience having an earthquake, since last year, i was in Jakarta.

Update (12:43 AM): It was 7,4 of Magnitude and it's located north east of Jakarta (Near Bandung). Full detail can be seen at USGS website

Update (08:25): It has been changed to 7,5 of Magnitude and the USGS has provide more detailed summary of the earthquake.

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