Thursday, August 09, 2007

Virus Resistance

This morning, my flash drive was infected by a virus. It happened when i plugged my flash drive on one of my colleague when i wanted to transfer some of my files to his computer. I found out when i tried to plug it on my other colleague's computer and his antivirus detected the virus as kespo. It will try to infect doc, xls, and dbf file format and make them unusable, unfortunately on my case it was prevented before it happened. I did put some doc and xls files on that flash drive, but mostly were odp ('s presentation file) and odt ('s text file), so it wasn't get infected at all. I'm very lucky that it didn't damaged my files, but i have it scanned after i went home.

The main point is that OOo's file format is more virus resistance then MS Office's format. This is only a matter of time before virus creator make a virus/trojan that will infect OOo's format (since it's basically a zip file). It's one of the advantage of using


  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Files with extensions .odp (OpenDocument Presentation) or .odt (OpenDocument Text) are using OpenDocument Format, not like you said OpenOffice Format. The ODF is also used by KOffice for example. Btw, the MS. Office 2007 has an XML format now, although not an ODF one.

  2. I mean the format that OOo use. Sorry if it's confusing :D