Saturday, August 25, 2007

Computer Fair

I just came back from Jogja Digicom, a computer fair that was held few days ago and will ended next Monday. It's located in front of my school (De Britto), near Saphire Square. I went there after i went back from my friend's wedding ceremony at the Church in the morning. It's been for a while since my last visit to the computer fair in Jogja (i once visited the computer fair while i was in Jakarta). There i met some people from Jogja Linux User Group and we had a chat for a little while. There were so many people who came to the Linux area and since we sold Linux CDs for RP. 5000 (and RP. 10000 for DVDs), many of visitors bought the CD/DVDs (it's one of the easy way to promote or introduce Linux). There was one people who asked if we had a manual for IPCop. Interesting. Unfortunately, we don't have any Internet access there (even though there was a hotspot in that building, provided by CitraNet), so we couldn't help the man.

Next, i went to the next building and look around, before i went outside to have lunch before proceeding to the final building (There were three building used for this fair). Actually, i was looking for information about a portable hard drive from Western Digital. It has 500 GB of capacity and running at 5400 RPM. I saw the advertisement on PCMedia and it was US$ 185. Quite cheap for that big of capacity (i know that there are already 1 TB of hard drive, but it's too expensive for me).

I looked at the Apple booth for some time and after that, we went home.

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