Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One More

So far, the current member of Indonesian Linux Forum has reached 5999, meaning one more member and it will be 6000 (well, it's a simple calculations, you may have know it). On July 1, i posted about over 5000 members and in the end of August (it's not the end, but near), we have reached 6000 members (because there will be new members in the morning, i'm very sure about that). So just from this simple information, we can get a conclusion that to get 1000 new members, it will only take about two months and the time scale keeps dropping, since we have a bigger rate of users per day (it has reached 5,24 for now, compared to 4,61 two months ago).

FYI, the forum's database has reached almost 90 MB (89,87 for more precise), that's almost 10 MB difference since two months ago. I only wished that it can be scalable to maximum use before it will get loaded.

Update (6:49 AM): It has surpassed 6000 members. Currently 6004 and counting.... party

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