Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Famous Dilbert

I'm amazed by the creator of Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams. He update the Dilbert daily since 1989 (that's 20 years in the next two years). What a great effort he had spent on it. Well, if you don't know, he was paid to do so by United Media, one of the biggest major cartoon syndicates. So, he's profession is a cartoonist. I read his cartoon daily, using RSS Reader and it is very interesting. Lots of topics have been presented in the comics strip. I once have a list of other cartoon RSS feed, but i threw them away. I prefer to watch just dilbert for now (and probably will do in the next few years).

I salute you for your big effort Scott applause

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    It also posted on Kompas in Yogyakarta section.