Monday, August 13, 2007

Finally, A New Mouse

So today i decided to buy a new mouse as well as a new printer cartridge because mine is running out (i have to prepare it before it's empty). So i went to one of the computer store near UGM and bought them all. I had several choices there, but finally i decided to buy from Logitech, since it's proven great for me (this is personal experience though) and it has wrap capabilities, so if i don't use it, i can wrap the cable around the mouse and put the USB plug on the bottom of the mouse (and it will cover the optic as well), so it's very compact. Another thing is that i got an USB extension, which makes the cable even longer (effective for computer which is located in the bottom of a desk). Well, given that features, it's common if it's a little bit more expensive than the other products available (it's not the most expensive though).

So my desktop's mouse will be used for my laptop (it's big, which makes my bag will be heavier, but it's fine, since i'm very comfortable with that mouse. It's quite big, so it fit with my palm).

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