Thursday, August 09, 2007

W3C Validator Updated

If you have seen W3C validator before, you will see a slight changes on the UI. It has blue theme by default (previously, it was plain) and also a new set of icons (blue icons) along with the old one (gold icons). Here's the statement from the main site:
W3C's most popular service just got better, prettier, faster, and smarter. The W3C Markup Validator has a new user interface and a validation engine with improved accuracy and performance. Among new features are an automatic cleanup option using HTML Tidy, and checking of HTML fragments
For complete detailed, please refer to the Changelog

It seems that the CSS Validator gets an update also, but not with the icons, just the UI (and probably the code)


  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    eh iya lbh enak tampilan yg baru..dibanding lbh valid mana ya..

  2. Mungkin yg di itu pake engine yang sama, jadi ya kemungkinan besar sih sama validnya

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    krn -nya valid dua2nya ya.. :D salut deh..

    abis pake blog saya dan bbrp yg org lain punya, hasilnya bs beda, disana valid, disitu ngga..disitu ada warning, disana gpp..gitu deh.. :)

    ah namanya jg iseng..

  4. ya itu khan karena saya buat sendiri halamannya, jadi mau bikin validnya lebih gampang, beda kalo pake CMS, kadang2 emang gak valid :D

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