Friday, August 10, 2007

Keep Counting

Indonesian Linux Forum shows good trend lately. User that registered per day has increased (taken from the admin control panel) and total users registered are keep counting everyday (spammers are not counted). Today (or at the time i write this post), it has reached almost 5600 users (5594 precisely). Last July, i wrote a post about 5000 members have registered to this forum and one month later, it has reached almost 600 new members. What a great acceleration. If we had this kind of acceleration all the time (or increasing), we don't need three years to reach 10000 users.

With more and more people are adopting Open Source application and using Linux or Unix operating system (for personal or business use), i hope that this forum will give benefits for it's member.

This forum is open for everybody, so what are you waiting for? Join us and share your experience/knowledge with the rest of the forum members big hug

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