Monday, August 20, 2007

MU : What's Wrong With You?

After claiming Community Shield title, MU's performance has dropped till the lowest point. They only got two draws and one loss from their first three matches. What a bad start (even more, with several peoples are still injuries, Wayne Rooney got injured also, plus Ronaldo got red card). I still don't get it. They have prepared well from the pre-season tour and they have showed that they can beat Chelsea, but facing non big team, they can't give it a big win for their fans. Is it a burden from the result of the new players transactions? I don't think so, but i'm hoping that Sir Alex will come out with an answer on the next matches.

Living with a fact that no EPL matches in the next three years (without subscribing to Astro) is already a pain, plus watching news that MU is losing. It's like a nightmare crying

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  1. so sad.... gapapa wil... pasti bisa menang lagi :D
    Dasar maniac bola :p