Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Remove Windows Service

Just now, i unintentionally open Windows service list and i saw something unusual there. There was a service called Thffneacc, but it doesn't have any description at all. When i looked at the properties, it's also empty (meaning no further description and no file to look for) meaning it's a useless service (or it could be created by a virus, i don't know). So i tried to disable the services, but it won't work, since Windows couldn't find the file. So i browsed Internet and search using "remove windows service" and i found this blog. he wanted to delete Windows service as well. He pointed an entry in the registry. Then i saw a comment from Steward Johnson that gives a quicker solutions. He pointed about sc command which can be used to delete Windows service. The syntax is sc delete <service name>

I tried this method and it worked. The service was deleted once and forever. Just to be sure to stopped the service before you delete the services, or you might have some problems (i'm not sure, just my guess)