Friday, August 24, 2007

It Happened Again

Arrghh!!! at wits end, It happened again. I deleted one of my student's email that was sent to me regarding the paper work that i gave at the first class. GMail marked the message as SPAM and i didn't saw it when i clicked the link that will delete all SPAM messages forever. I saw it in a flick and then it disappeared forever. I guess i should be more careful again when deleting SPAM messages forever. Usually, GMail always give the correct marking, but lately, some emails can bypass GMail spam protection and reach my inbox.

Most of the emails that went to SPAM directory came from Yahoo domain. Is it a form of rival? I don't know, but they should not do that just to win business.

I have given an announcements and i will tell the students to re-send the email to me and gave CC to other email address, just to be sure that it won't be deleted in both email.


  1. Hello there, been your viewer through for sometime now.
    To avoid mistakes like these, you can force your student to put a special tag (abbreviation/code of the topic) on their email's subject. Then, create a filter for that special tag.
    And you don't need to delete those messages marked spam. They don't add up to your email quota and GMail will delete them automatically.

  2. Hm.. interesting
    Like YahooGroups or GoogleGroups?
    Sounds great. I will try to implement it when i had another task that should be given via email


  3. You mean like emails from mailing lists? We all use filter for those kind of email right?
    But filters are not meant for emails from mailing lists only. I did this when I was a lab assistant. Students must submit their assignment with the code of the topic (OOP-101 for example) as their subject. We, the lab assistants, used pine as our email client and pinerc to make filters. We even have auto-reply for those who managed to submit their assignment successfully. Aaah, it brings back old memories (but I'm not that old).