Sunday, August 05, 2007

Perfect Start

Well... Manchester United has just started this season with (almost) a perfect start. They beat Chelsea with a perfect penalty shootout, 3-0 after they finished 1-1 at the end of ninety minutes of high tension match. Edwin van der Sar has become the hero by blocking three of Chelsea kickers while MU's kicker done their job perfectly (finishing by Wayne Rooney). Great performance by MU's team tonight. I really enjoyed the game, even though i missed the first 50 minutes (including Ryan Giggs' goal at the first half).

I heard a rumor that the winner of Community Shield rarely won the Premiership league, but that has to be proven this season. I hope MU will win this season also and broke that rumor big grin

MU's manager, Sir Alex once said that this match will be better than FA Cup Final and he fulfill his promises. It is better than FA Cup final.


  1. Indeed it was a very good game, but above all it's still feels like the warming up game buddy, and in the true competition might be deferent as I see the new comers of Chelsea team are also very promising,


  2. agree, but it's kinda a motivation to win over chelsea :D

  3. yup, menurut jinx,
    yang menang Charity (uhm. Community) Shield gak bakalan menang EPL season berjalan ;)

  4. Semoga MU bisa memutarbalikan rumor tersebut hehehe