Sunday, May 27, 2007


One of the biggest football club in the World, Manchester United has been rumored to be sold by the Glazer's family, who owns the majority of the club. This is the hottest issue in the England premiership right now, since MU is one of the biggest club in the premiership (besides Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool) and everything related to this big clubs will bring sensational news from the media.

It's said that the Glazer's would sold them if someone agreed to buy over 800 million euro, but in Soccernet, the Glazer's spokesman denies that MU is going to be sold.
The Glazer family have a long-term commitment to Manchester United and that is not going to change.

Quite simply, they are not interested in selling the club. Why would they?

They are determined to make United more successful, both on and off the pitch

In sports, mostly on football, rumors are very prone to changes (one of the example is the resignation of Didier Deschamps. Within a few hours, a decision is made and it brings tremendous changes within the club which had to look for another coach for next season) and they will be rumors until it happened. Remember the old case of Roy Keane, David Beckham, and Ruud Van Nistelrooy? The spokesman said that they were not going to be sold, but in reality, they left MU and the fans were very shocked, as the three of them were stars in the Old Trafford and they brought so many trophy to the MU.

Time will tell the truth, whether MU will be sold or not, but IMHO, selling MU is not the best solution if the Glazers just want to cover up their expenses when they bought MU few years ago. Investing on sports may require a long term strategy and MU is on the right track currently. They have brought the Premiership title back to Old Trafford and heading for more title next season (possible for Treble again?)

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  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    gossipppp ;)

    tapi gak bakalan efek banget untuk fans yang berada gak di manchester.
    liat aja ketika di beli glazer, fans di luar inggris adem ayem aja,
    sementara fans di inggris sampe boikot dan bikin team tandingan 'united FC'.